What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique combination of letters and/or numbers which gives your website a ‘web address.’ For example, is our domain name

Why do I need a domain?

Registering a domain is the first step in establishing an online identity for you or your business. Having a good domain name allows you to create a customised website and have professional-looking email addresses.

Top Level Domains

Register/Renew/Transfer – Annually R149.00
.com R199.00
.mobi R299.00
.net R199.00
.co R399.00
.cc R399.00 R299.00
.biz R199.00
.info R199.00 R749.00
.org R199.00
.company R399.00
.academy R599.00
.joburg R349.00
.durban R349.00
.capetown R349.00

Didn’t find what you looking for?

We also register a variety of other domains that aren’t listing here. For a full list of domains please contact us.


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