Our Strategy

A Website Name

The name of your website, also known as the domain name is hugely important because it communicates in an instant what your offering is about. You need the best possible name to carry your business forward and announce it to the world. We will generate 3 domain names, all of which are available. Once you choose one, you can use the same name for your social media profiles and other purposes. Check out our Domain Page for possible domain extensions.

Website Design

Our professionally designed Asp.Net, Joomla and WordPress websites are designed to complement your corporate identity, strongly communicate your unique marketing message, and offer functionality for your site visitors. We create websites with creativity and functionality to suit your requirements and budget. Check out our Website Packages Page for our offered website packages.

Social Media

Facebook, Google+, YouTube… social media is all the buzz these days and you can leverage these networks to increase your leads and sales, let us create these accounts for you.

Powerful Analytics

These powerful Analytics assist us in finding your perfect target market, in which areas your website has made the most impact.

Unsure what all this means and how much it going to cost?

Don’t stress. Let us explain…

Firstly, before we can create your website we will need to get that domain we mentioned earlier, so people would be able to find you online… The cost of this depends on the extension you choose from our Domains Page… EG should you want your domain to be www.rockstardevelopment.com, it would cost R199 yearly to use that space on the world wide web.

Secondly, you would need to view our Website Packages Page and decide which Website package you would need for your business. EG should you need a basic advertising website for your business, our Advertising Website Premium Package contains all relevant information and pages needed.

Thirdly, you would need a hosting package as explained on the Hosting page. This hosting is basically a physical space where your website will be stored. Hosting packages all come with a certain amount of email address for your use… EG for the domain www.rockstardevelopment.co.za, you could request the creation of the email addresses info@rockstardevelopment.co.za and sales@rockstardevelopment.co.za to enhance your business. Based on the email addresses and databases needed for your website, we will advise you on which is the best suited hosting package for you. We will assist with all email address creations and set up.

Finally once all the technical stuff is out of the way, we can begin creating your website, we will sit with you and determine the look you would want on your website, the colours and the content. At this point you would be able to gain an indication of the price your Website would amount to.

Please note that some fees like Hosting are on a monthly basis where as Domain costs are on a yearly basis and Website design costs are Once-Off.

Should you require our staff to assist you in the selection of any of the above, feel free to contact us via the information on our Contact Us Page.

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